Flounder gigging can offer some of the most memorable times on the water.  This unique trip offers you a chance to get out and see what happens in the bay flats at night.   Besides having numerous chances at gigging flounder, you will also have a chance to gig other species such as sheepshead and black drum.  While you are searching for the well hidden flounder, there will be many other welcome distractions such as a single bull redfish or huge schools of redfish passing through the air boat lights.  You may even have an “escort” of porpoises using the boat’s lights to get an easy snack.  It is your own aquarium out there with crabs, baitfish, gamefish, sea shells, hermit crabs, sting rays and all of this from the comfort of a dry, warm air boat designed specifically for flounder gigging.

Although gigging can be a year round activity, the fall flounder run is usually the most productive time to go.  This occurs during October, November and December.  The season is actually closed for the month of November, but this allows for a good run in the spring during March, April and May.

If you are looking for a new experience and enjoy the outdoors, flounder gigging will not disappoint.  Call or email if you have any questions!

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